Nuture’s Beauty

Nature gives Beauty

Where everything is perfect

The tress are healthy

So, there is more to be seen

We must give worth more than gold.



Nature is something

It is a gift from our God

So, love everything


My Last Love

How lucky I am to know you

My heart is reserved just for you

With you I can feel happiness,

A happiness,without Endless.

When you cry for me

I can be your handkerchief to wipe it away,

I always care for you ,

Cause you deserve it to.

Your smile is like a sunshine

It brightens up my day,

Your eyes tells me that,

You’ll be there to stay.

Your love is like a drug,

I can’t get it enough,

No matter what may come

I hope you’ll never give up.

You are my happy pill

Through bad and good times I feel

I’m not a girl you expect for,

But I will love you from richer and for poorer.

Thank you for the love you give

I promised to keep it

Though your not my first,

But I want you to be mine, till my last breath.